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we started by accident.

In 1995, Grandma’s crystal necklace broke unexpectedly.  But after taking a jewelry-making class at a local art gallery, and visiting numerous house sales, antique malls and thrift stores, Grandma’s beads were transformed into several new, contemporary pieces that were as unique as they were beautiful. The pieces became an instant smash, and the demand for more was quite apparent.  That was the beginning of Bygone Beads.

details make the difference.

Each necklace, bracelet or specialty piece is a one-of-a-kind original created with painstaking detail and attention to light, balance, patterns and texture – but especially to color.  We’re passionate about it.  Color is the backbone of everything we do.

beads with serious versatility.

We combine crystals, glass beads and faux pearls—sometimes with new matte seed beads and other findings.  As many as one hundred (100) vintage necklaces and pieces are cultivated and intermingled to create a single Bygone Beads original.  The result is a look with unusual versatility.  A look that not only works great with jeans, but can complement a business suit or a cocktail dress—all in the same day.

our gallery features several collections.

During our first five or so years, we actually named and numbered each creation! That got to be extremely difficult.  Over time it became clear that styles were developing and we started grouping styles together, resulting in several collections.  Below is a list of our current collections along with a brief summary.  A more detailed description/story card is included with the purchase of each individual piece.

List of Bygone Beads Collections

Mankind – No two beads the same is our mankind motto—just like no two people are the same.  By far our signature style, Mankind, is the most popular and versatile of all collections.

Rosary + Pray Bracelets – Our exclusive design includes all the beads necessary to pray the rosary and translates as a lovely piece of jewelry.  A lovely inspiration piece.

Diamond Heart – Features all sorts of shapes and sizes of the same color crystal, often with a dash of fun-colored findings and seed beads in between.

Jesus ‘got your back – The click of a clasp attached near the crucifix converts this traditional rosary into a lovely, double-strand necklace, complete with dangling Padre beads.  In case you’re wondering what we think, wearing a rosary is a choice. . .We say “Rock on!”

Beloved – We are honored to recreate a rosary, rosary bracelet, or other spiritual items from rosaries or other beads left behind by a loved one.

Religious Artifacts – Vintage medals, crosses and other religious artifacts are featured within a lovely necklace of beads or pair of earrings.

Tri-Gemstone Mix – Three measured layers of vintage beads, gemstones (not always vintage) and more glass beads are combined into a triad of color.